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From REPAIR to CLEANING to RESTORATION – Proudly Presenting Rugs for SALE!

At Abraham ORS, we are your trusted experts in the realm of rug repair, cleaning, restoration, and now, rug sales. Our comprehensive services encompass a wide range of solutions to ensure your treasured rugs maintain their timeless beauty and integrity, and our curated selection of rugs for sale offers exceptional choices for every discerning customer.

We are passionate about the art of rug repair, cleaning, and restoration. Our commitment to preserving the heritage and value of your rugs is reflected in our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you have a family heirloom in need of delicate care or a cherished rug seeking a rejuvenation, we are your trusted partner in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your treasured pieces.

We are excited to announce the opening of our new store at 65 Red Hill Ave, San Anselmo, California, USA. We extend a warm invitation to visit our store and learn more about the array of services we provide. Additionally, explore our diverse collection of exquisite oriental rugs available for sale. We look forward to welcoming you whenever you are in the area.

Each Persian rug tells a story – let yours become a part of your home’s narrative.

Mohammad Banie leads a dedicated team of master restorers and expert cleaning professionals

With over five decades of experience, Mohammad Banie leads a dedicated team of master restorers and expert cleaning professionals. Specializing in Rugs, Kelims, Tapestries, Needle Points, and Chain Stitch pieces from diverse corners of the globe, they possess the expertise to restore and clean items ranging from museum-quality treasures to everyday household favorites.

As your trusted handmade rugs consultant, Mohammad Banie is poised to transform your living spaces into the perfect home decor havens. Whether you seek new acquisitions or wish to breathe new life into your cherished oriental rugs through cleaning and restoration, this seasoned artisan is well-equipped to ensure every detail of your valued possessions is meticulously revitalized and preserved.

Experience the artistry and craftsmanship of Mohammad Banie and his team as they bring out the timeless beauty of your rugs and textiles.

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Revitalize Your Rug’s Beauty: From Precision Repair to Thorough Cleaning and Complete Restoration, Trust Abraham ORS for Unmatched Excellence in Every Rug.

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Abraham ORS offers full repair and restoration services such as re-fringing, re-weaving and color restoration, We offer services for all types of spills and damages.

In case of damage, just about any problem has a solution with a professional restoration. Old and antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven where worn and restored to life. Newer rugs are rarely in need of repair. An experienced professional must always be consulted in these matters.

Experience luxury underfoot with our premium selection of authentic Persian rugs.


Our expertise is in restoring from Museum Quality to ordinary of all Rugs, Kilims, Aubusson, Sumacs and Chain stitch, Susanin’s Aubusson , Serapi. From Persia, Russia, Caucasus, Turkey, Afghan, China, Morocco, Egypt, Portuguese, Navajo, Mexico, Kurdish, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan and European Rugs. Tapestry and Needle points.

Abraham ORS provides full rug cleaning expert service and repair restoration, including re-fringing, reknotting and color restoration. We offer services for all types of damages and impairments.